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Tennis Update January 23, 2020
I heard, and now have confirmed thru extensive researchEmoji that it is 'National Pie Day', which was probably created by all the bakeries around. So no matter what kind of pie is your fashion, go have a can work it off on the courts when the sun comes out....which will come soon!
I also believe there was even a nursery rhyme about a blackbird pie.....believe me, I would like to stick that pie in the an Alfred Hitchcock movie everydayEmoji!!
We can't really complain about our January weather, have had some great days to keep us on the courts!!
*Monday's Play Night continues at 6:30 for both men & women at the 2.5/3.0 levels. Cost is $8pp if not a SOTC member - contact me to be added to the list. Starting in February, looking to make a change on the ladies format, so look for that to come!
*Steve's drill continues each week from 7-8pm, no charge for adults and school level juniors - come enjoy the fun & workout.
We start seeing RED in February, which is when florist and Hallmark stores start to thrive and a red color scheme takes over the month.....even both Super Bowl teams are red!! So MARK these events on your calendar.
Sat, Feb 8th - Junior Mid Cities Tournament for non-qualified level juniors. Divisions for 10 & under & 12-18yr singles. Register by going to under tournament ID 800050220 by Wednesday Feb 5th. If you would like a full mid cities schedule, let me know and I will email one to you.
Sun,Feb 9th - Sweetheart Mixer from 2-5pm! Signup with your favorite sweetheart (hopefully you don't have to chooseEmoji)! Fun mixer for any and all levels. Will have some nice sweetheart prizes for a fun afternoon. Cost is $24pp or $20pp (SOTC)
Thurs, Feb 20th - Ladies Spring Kickoff from 9:30 - 12pm. Format is fixed partner in levels 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 & 4.0, round robin in each level. Signup by Tuesday, Feb 18th...cost is $28pp or $24pp (SOTC)! Prizes for winning teams, snacks and maybe a few cheers to help get the season started.
Sat/Sun, Feb 29th/Mar 1st - Jack Frost Open! This is a non-sanctioned tournament with divisions for men's/women's doubles and mixed doubles. The mixed doubles will also have combo levels of 6.5, 7.5 & 8.5 along with regular NTRP levels. Register at under tournament ID 800053320 by Monday, Feb 24th. Entry form enclosed with info.
Junior Programming - Please see attached Junior flyer on our programming for all levels of entry level and tournament/school level players.
Contact Marla Krueger to signup or additional information at 817-692-6900
One last thing - Our next Pickleball event will be Saturday, March 7th with Mike Meeks from 9am - 12. Cost is $25pp to come out and get all the in's and out's of this extremely popular game. Contact Mike at or 817-781-8997. Minimum of 4 player needed, max of 8.
Sunshine Coming - See you on the COURT!!
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 l 817-980-9374

Tennis Update October 3, 2019
If you're a sweater person, it looks like you may finally get your chance at sporting the look in just a few days. After battling thru the September that never was, it took October to finally win the battle!! Now hoping for more than a 2 week Fall to enjoy until we start complaining how cold it is!
......and if you were already wearing that sweater just because it was Fall, you're probably 10 pounds down by nowEmoji
October is a favorite month of mine, and can easily be the best month in Texas, so let's put the courts to use even more!!
We continue a lot of weekend USTA league play for men & women the rest of this month, and even though these leagues are in mid season, the ladies USTA 40+ leagues are already forming! If you're a player and looking for a team please let me know, and we will pass the word to our captains to see if they have any spots open!
As we go thru the rest of this month, some nice events coming up in just a few weeks to put on your frig to remember.....deadlines come early!!
*First of all - Ladies, save the date of Tuesday, November 5th for our 2nd Annual Tennis 4 Troops event benefiting the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Play this year will be during the afternoon, with opening ceremonies starting at 12:30, and play beginning at 1pm. Fixed partner format for 2.5-4.0 teams ~ cost is $55pp, includes shirt, towel, dinner, drink tickets at tournament and concert. 
This year following the T4T event, 5:30-8:30pm we are keeping the dinner & concert here at the club (last year was at Texas Live). Tickets will also be available for purchase for this event if your not in the tournament, to come out & listen to a great band, enjoy some good food while having a fun time! 
*November 2-3, will be our next UTR tournament with both singles (Saturday) and doubles (Sunday)! Deadline will be October 29th!
*November 16-18, we host the Traditional Bob Noel Tennis Classic (Adult USTA Tourn) with singles, doubles and mixed for levels 2.5-open!
The USUAL Rundown
~ Monday evenings, consist of play nights for men & women 2.5/3.0 at 6:30 ($8) and Steve's drill from 7-8pm (no cost except sweating)
~Junior Programs run Tues, Wed, Thurs for our novice programs 5-13 yrs, 4:45-6pm and Junior Performance Tues/Thurs 6-7:30pm
  Contact Marla Krueger to register or for more info at 817-692-6900
Now get out & enjoy the cool down! Next week we will start our Beat texas rallies......I know it's y'all's favoriteEmoji
See you on the COURT
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 / 817-980-9374

Tennis Update September 27, 2019
Now this has been an eye opening week for me in 2 different areas of speculation on my part! First, the confusion of finding out how many days are really in August......that number is 59. Then come to find out there is only 1 National Daughters Day each year.....I've been tricked & misled to believe there were 365 of those each yearEmoji!!
.....tough week, I need a football game to clear my head!!
How about some info, not so CONFUSING!!
Thank you again to all the players that came out to play our Fall KickoffEmojiEmoji UTR this past weekend! Our next UTR event will be Nov 2-3 (maybe Fall by then)!
Monday - Play nights continue each week for 2.5/3.0 men & women at 6:30pm ($8), along with Steve's workout drill from 7-8pm (no charge)
Tuesday - Junior groups 5-13 yrs entry level, 4:45-6pm ($15) & Junior Performance groups from 6-7:30pm ($18)
Wednesday - Entry level juniors at 4:45pm
Thursday - looks a lot like Tuesday~
Friday - USTA Ladies League play (morning)
Saturday - USTA Men & Ladies League play (morning/early afternoon)
Sunday - Junior Team Tennis (afternoon)
~Save the DATE - Tuesday, November 5th we will host our 2nd Annual 'Tennis 4 Troops' event benefiting the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation!
  It was a great event last year, and we will top that this year. More details on all the exciting things in next weeks Ticker!!
~Have a junior that would like to take their party to the courts for their birthdayEmoji? If so, contact Marla Krueger for detailed information and setup along with any other junior program questions at 817-692-6900
~How about another party idea? Come out to Par-Tee on the Patio tomorrow evening (9/27) from 6-9:30pm. Live band will be playing and food/drink available at the Garden's. For more info or to reserve a spot, contact the Garden's at 817-731-2547EmojiEmoji
MOVE 'em Around
Now I know most of y'all are not those doubles players that hit the ball right back to your opponent, but you probably have friends that doEmoji! So if you want to give that friend some basic doubles strategy advise, it would be 'CREATE MOVEMENT' on the court. 
So many players give their opponents the opportunity to stand still, then just try to thread the needle with a shot or drive it through them. Start with getting them moving a few steps at a time, and shots will become more open. I tell players to get their opponents into the green part of the court (if blue/green court of course). 
If you hit a deeper ball it moves your opponent back into the deep green, if you hit an angle it will move your opponent into the side green and shots will open up more!! Keep your opponent in the correct color of the court, and you will find better shots to take & create MOVEMENT.......!!!
Enjoy the rest of your extended AugustEmoji....and the hottest September day around here ~ September 4, 2000....111 degrees, do you feel cooler now?
See you on the COURT
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 / 817-980-9374

Tennis Update September 19, 2019
I saw an interesting stat the other day, for the first time in 100 years the first 17 days of September were all at 95 degrees or warmerEmoji! To that, I say goodbye Summer, and let's bring on the 80's party and stay there for awhile!!
We will start the party with our Fall Kickoff UTR tournament this coming weekend! Registration is closed, but draws are posted at www.myutr/events/8508..... looking forward to a nice weekend.
Our junior program continues every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for our 5-13 year old novice groups from 4:45-6pm ($15), along with our junior performance groups every Tuesday & Thursday from 6-7:30pm ($18). If you should have any questions, contact Marla Krueger at 817-692-6900