October 17, 2018

Here we are floating our way through Fall so fast that we have already made it to January?! I guess a couple positives – I haven’t seen a mosquito in 3 days, and won’t have to water the yard until Spring…..but would someone please bring back the SUN!!

Those that were able to play our UTR this past weekend (or Sunday), thanks for sticking it out & congrats for being the last ones to enjoy some sunshine!

Let’s take a look at dryer days ahead on COURT

Tuesday, November 6th – Tennis 4 Troops~~  Don’t delay on getting in this Great Event coming up in just a few weeks, benefiting the Chris Kyle Foundation!!  At Ticker time today we have only 8 spots left!!! This is a Ladies Fixed Partner event for all levels, 9:30am – 1pm. The event includes lunch, drink ticket, shirt, gift bag and all players will receive a single ticket to TEXAS LIVE for the evening event~~~~~DON’T MISS OUT!

Options for payment with this event 1) Check made out to Tennis 4 Troops  2) Paypal under the email georgie.zang@sbcglobal.net  3) Venmo under georgie – zang

**November 3rd & 4th – ‘Celebration’ UTR Tournament, singles only! Most play will be on Saturday, but some divisions depending on size could go into Sunday afternoon. Format for this event will be 2 out 3 sets, w/10 pt breaker for the 3rd! Register at www.myutr.com/events/821

    Hard to believe 1 year in coming up – that was fast!! Other specials will be going on, leading up to that week as well – stay tuned!

***November 16,17 & 18 – Bob Noel Tennis Classic!! I know It’s hard to believe we are approaching that time. This tournament is a USTA sanctioned event with Singles, Doubles & Mixed for all levels starting at 2.5!

Deadline is Thursday, November 8th. Players can register at www.usta.com under tournament ID 800017918. Singles could start on Friday afternoon, so please be award of this if that is a division you will be playing.

I Need a TIP

Players often ask how to hit more topspin on their ball! Often when working with players at any level, I take them about 6 feet from the net, and have them work on lifting the ball over the net with their regular swing and follow though. After some hits, I will gradually move them back, as they still imagine the net 6 feet in front of them, even at the base line.

Players to often try to drive out on the ball instead of lifting up through the ball, trying too hard to hit the ball deep creating a flatter style hit. If you can put this NET picture in your mind, you will get more spin, deeper balls & even knee bend with less effort!! You can even try this exercise on your own……no need to be too technical, just put the picture in your mind!!!

I need to get on the COURT

Monday – Ladies Lonestar (2.5-3.0), 7pm……Men (all levels), 7pm – contact me if you would like to be added to the weekly notification list.

Tuesday – Ladies (all levels), 9:30am

*cost is $8pp or no charge for members

I need to DRILL

Monday’s – Men 3.5/4.0, 6pm

Tuesday’s – Ladies 2.5-3.0, 6:30pm……..Co-Ed Beginning, 7:30pm

Wednesday’s – Ladies 2.5-3.0, 9:30am……Men’s 3.0-3.5, 7pm

Thursday’s – Ladies 3.0, 8:30am…..Ladies 3.5, 9:30am……Ladies 2.5/3.0, 5:30pm…..Open Drill (men & women), 6:30pm (this drill, no charge for members)

**Also calling all new ladies for our Thursday morning beginning class at 11:30am….come join those that just started.

I need something for the KIDS

*10 & under – every Mon, Tues, Thurs….5-6:30pm! Pick your night, or come to all! Also discounts given to families with more than 1 child.

*Jr. Performance – every Tues & Thurs, 6:30pm! This is open to all players at the school and tournament levels!!

Congratulations to everyone for living through the ‘WETTEST’ Fall on record, before Fall is even over – there has to be a shirt for that, right?!?!

Hopefully see you on A DRY COURT Soon!!

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