February 1, 2019

We’re just a couple days out from yet another SUPER weekend, with all the fanfare, hundreds that have come out for a press conference and great excitement that ‘PAST’ interference can’t even stand in the way!! Yes, it’s finally that time as Southern Oaks & The Garden Oaks open back up to full capacityEmojiEmoji!!!!
…….oh yea, and there’s a game this Sunday as well (sorry to all my Saint’s fans)!!
A lot of information to share….so let’s get off to a quick start this week!
Club Hours starting February 1stEmojiEmoji
Southern Oaks Golf & Tennis Shop
7am-8pm everyday (weather permitting) 817-426-2400
Garden Oaks RestaurantEmoji
Monday thru Friday, 10:30am-3pm, with 3-7:30pm Happy Hour (Thursday’s open until 9pm for dinner)
Saturday & Sunday, 9am-5pm (brunch offered all day)
Great menu’s and services!!
On COURT in February
~ Sweetheart Mixer, Sunday February 10th, 2-5pm. Fixed partner with your favorite sweetheart (hoping you just have 1 or       Good Luck to ya’)! Groups for all levels, so no excuse!!
~ Jack Frost Open, Feb 16-17. Doubles & Mixed levels for 2.5-4.5. Deadline Feb 11 at usta.com under ID 800006519!
~ Ladies Spring Kickoff, Tues,Feb 26 for the upcoming Spring League season. Fixed partner(all levels), 9:30am-12:30pm
How BOUT Juniors
~ Junior entry level classes all the way thru 15 yrs! Red, Orange & Yellow ball groups, Tues & Thurs 4:45-5:45pm..$12 per class
~ Junior Performance every Tues/Thurs, 5:30-7pm, for school and tournament level juniors…$15 per class
   contact Marla Krueger 817-692-6900 for entry level and Dillon Deatherage 817-793-4747 for Jr. Performance
Thursday Night Drills are Back in February
Join Steve for his 2.5/3.0 Ladies, 6-7pm and Open Drill 7-8pm starting Feb 7th! Cost is $16 or $12(member) per drill.
Sunday Mixed Doubles
The FTW USTA 40+ Mixed league starts Sunday, March 3rd – if you would be interested we have 6.0, 7.0 & 8.0 teams forming with team numbers in place. Shoot me an email if interested and I will get you the information.
Don’t forget to checkout our Southern Oaks Tennis and our Southern Oaks Golf & Tennis Facebook for all the fun coming!!
Just remember when you step outside today, you are about 100 degrees warmer than those going thru some crazy temps up North….I would guess, no tennis going on up thereEmoji
See you on the COURT & Let’s have a SUPER weekend!!!!
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